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2016 OHSLA Coaches Clinics

February 20th (10am-1pm) & 21st (1-4pm)

Mark Flood
Mark Flood
This year there will be two OHSLA Coaches clinics.  The first will be Saturday, February 20th from 10am-1pm at McNary High School directed by OES head coach Dennis Sullivan. The second will be Sunday at West Linn HS from 1pm-4pm on February 21st, led by West Linn head coach Mark Flood.  Both clinics will have players in attendance so that coaches can see the drills in action.  These clinics are Free and Open to all coaches who wish to add to their skill sets. 

The McNary clinic will introduce a variety of exercises to improve individual skill and develop broader understanding of transition offense and defense, as well as half field play.  Coach Sullivan has been OES varsity head coach since 2008, earning Oregon High School Coach of the Year Honors in 2009 when his undefeated team won the state championship. 

The West Linn Clinic will be a full out practice with a variety of drills for individual and team skills, including workouts for programs with smaller numbers on the field.  Coach Flood has been head coach of West Linn Lacrosse since inception and led the program to 9 final four appearances & 4 state championships. 
Dennis Sullivan
Dennis Sullivan

2016 Nike Coaches Clinic Content

January 19th

This year's Nike Coaches Clinic featured Albany coach Scott Marr and his brother Yorktown HS coach Dave Marr.  Video from Scott Marr's presentations is available on the 2016 Nike Coaches Clinic page.  The content includes video clips from Scott Marr, Dave Marr's slides, and some Lyle Thompson clips

2016 High School Rule Changes

December 30th

There are three rule changes for the 2016 season:
  1. New rules restricting shooting and sidewall stringing on the stick (a.k.a. cross).
  2. Minor clarifications in face-off rules.
  3. A new over-and-back rule to keep the ball in the offensive half of the field after a successful clear.
The Boys Lacrosse Rules Committee also issued five Points of Emphasis for 2016:
  1. Contact - Penalties for excessive hits to the head and neck, as well as penalties for hits to defenseless players and blindside hits.
  2. Helmet Fitting - Helmets shall meet current NOCSAE standards and be properly fitted for each player
  3. Halftime Warm-up - It is recommended that the final three minutes of intermission be used as a team warm-up period.
  4. Helmets and Equipment During Pre-Game and Practice Time - Coaches should educate players on the need to be properly equipped at all times.
  5. Defending the Crease - It is recommended that coaches not teach nor encourage field players to block the goal when the goalkeeper has vacated the goal crease area.
US Lacrosse has a nice summary and interpretation of these 2016 changes, including the reasoning behind the new Points of Emphasis.  More details on the new rules can be found on the NFHS site as well as a their layman's interpretation of the new rules. 

US Lacrosse Level-1 Coaches Clinics - NEW LOCATION

Saturday, Oct 24th, Vancouver WA
Saturday, Nov 14th, Eugene

Note: The location for the Nov. 14th Eugene clinic has changed.   It will now be held north of town at Madison Middle School at 875 Wilkes Dr.

There will be two Level I Coaches clinics in the Oregon area: at 13900 NE 18th St, Vancouver WA and then at the Arts and Tech Academy in Eugene.  These $75, seven hour clinics run by US Lacrosse certified trainers provide attendess training to break down skills, detect errors & how to correct them, and drills to bring to your team.  The Oregon Chapter of US Lacrosse is subsiding the clinic in Eugene which will significantly reduce the costs to attendees, check the OHSLA email sent to coaches and clubs or this flyer for details. There are both boys' and girls' clinics, which are open to anyone who wants to coach lacrosse.  Vancouver clinic details can be found on the Clinic flyer, registration info for both clinics can be found on the CEP Level-I Clinic registration page

While participants will receive a US Lacrosse certificate upon completion of the course, there are other requirements that need to be completed to earn Level-I certification.  The Eugene clinic includes the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) workshop, which is part of the requirements for a Level-I certification.  For more information on the US Lacrosse Level-I requirements visit the US Lacrosse Coaching Education page. 

D-III Signing Forms Approved

LaxPower reports that the Division III Recruiting Working Group passed a measure that allows D-III athletes to sign a celebratory "nonbinding athletics celebratory signing form."  While not a contract, the forms will allow students to participate in a signing ceremony much like D-I players can.  Students must be admitted to the school, and are not committing to attending the school by signing the document, but they'll now have an opportunity for a keepsake and photo-op to remember things by.

In the past, only D-I athletes who would be receiving athletically related aid would sign a National Letter of Intent (NLI), which was a commitment to attend and play that school.  As LaxPower notes, one is left to ask what D-I and D-II players who don't get athletic financial aid (and don't sign a NLI) get?

HS Lacrosse Continues to Grow Nationwide...

September, 2014

As reported on LaxPower, while many of the other top 15 High School sports in the US are losing players, Lacrosse continues to grow . 

LaxPower Players
Click for Larger Image
2015 LaxPower Table

Sisters OHSLA All-Star Tourney Schedule Set

June 16, 2015

This year will feature four full teams and, in an effort of true lacrosse spirit three of the teams will combine conferences ensuring seven of the eight conferences are represented with players. Pacific and Metro are joining forces to form the PacMetro Conference Team, Midwestern and Northwestern will have the MidNorthwestern team, North Valley will combine with Columbia to become North ColumValley Team.

More details, including the location and schedule, can be found on the All-Star Tourney page

West Linn and Hood River win! - Photos Online

June 6th, 10pm

West Linn wins back-to-back OHSLA State Championhips with a 10-6 victory over Lakeridge and Hood River takes the Cascade Cup with a 11-10 victory over LaSalle Prep

As in years past, the OHSLA has the privilege of being able to use several local Lacrosse enthusiasts' photographs on our site.  These photographers generously let OHSLA display their photos and also give access to others to download and print their photos for non-commercial use, so that parents & players can get pictures players in action:
  • Bob Miller - Bob's Championship photographs can be found on Miller Lacrosse Championship photo page
    Bob's policy: "Copies and downloads are free for non-commercial use."
  • Richard Calderwood - His photos for this season can be found on Calderwood 2015 Lacrosse photo page
    Richard's policy: "They are FREE to view or download, and you can order prints via Smugmug for cheap (none of which comes to me), or you can copy them to Costco, Walgreens, etc as you wish".
All of our photographers use SmugMug to store their pictures,

The OHSLA would like to express their thanks to all the photographers who contribute to our site.  Recaps and photos for both finals as well for the Championship Semis will be on the site soon. 

Congratulations West Linn and Hood River!!!

West Linn Champs

Photo Courtesy Bob Miller

2015 OHSLA Champion
West Linn Lions

Hood River

Photo Courtesy Bob Miller

2015 Cascade Cup Winner
Hood River Eagles

All-Americans and All-State Teams Released

June 8, 2015

All of the awards for the 2015 season, including the new Player of the Year and Man of the Year awards, have been published on the OHSLA Honors page

OHSLA Alumni College Database Now Online

May 17, 2015

Last year a page was created listing OHSLA Players in college during 2014. What was meant to be a couple hour project turned into days as our content advisor found more and more players across the country. 

Now there is a database that has every player that we know about playing in college today, in addition 2014.  The OHSLA Alumni College database can be accessed here or from the OHSLA Alumni page.  Readers can sort the more than 140 players listed for this year by high school, college, name, or College division.  As time permits, players from further back will be added to the database so that readers can see just how much OHSLA has contributed to college teams across the nation.  There are already more than 500 OHSLA alumni listed who have played for more than 55 colleges going back as far as 2005. 


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