New Site Features

New OHSLA Web Site Features

After the color changes, there are several other new items that you will find: There are some pictures below to help explain some of these features.  Please scroll down, read about them, then check things out on the pages.


New Navigation Menu

The new, always accessible, drop down menu gives you quick access to the entire site. while providing a wider area to display information on a page.  Since only the content (tan background) area scrolls, the navigation menu will always be visible.


Integrated Schedule & Scores Page

The new Schedules/Scores page shows scheduled and completed games (with scores) on the same page. Scored games will have a green row for the winning team and scheduled games have a yellow row with the location of the game.  Division games have red borders vs. black border for non-division games.

The new Schedule pages will scroll right to the current week (so you don't have to).  To view other weeks, scroll to that week, and then click the [+]Show button and the information for that week will appear broken down by day.  Click [-]Hide to collapse the week back to a single line. Click the team name for details on the team (and team's schedule) or the game location name for the new field info page



Multi-media Field Info Page

The new Field Info Page has an embedded Map view as well as links for quick access to MapQuest directions.

Click the Directions Link and the MapQuest directions page will appear in a new browser tab (or window) with the field's address as a destination.  Scroll to the top of the directions pane (on the left) and enter your starting address to complete the itinerary.

Mobile Phone Support

While the new website can be viewed on a SmartPhone, it is usually very small which makes it tough to read or touch links to navigatge.  So there is now a special Mobile OHSLA Home page.  This mobile site is a subset of the main site that can be used to check scores, schedule, field info, and standings from your phone.  It has larger text and narrower layout to allow viewing without having to constantly zoom in. And it even supports Game Score Reporting so coaches can enter game scores on their SmartPhone!

Mobile Button


Left Arrow When accessing the regular OHSLA Home Page from a phone (at http://www.ohsla.net/) a "Mobile Page" button will appear in the upper right corner of the page.  Clicking the Mobile Page button will direct you to the special Mobile Page.  Be sure to bookmark the Mobile Page after it appears on your cellphone so you can go directly to it in the future.

The Phone Home page has a larger, vertically oriented menu which is easy read and touch without having to zoom-in the page. Left Arrow
Main Page
Mobile Schedule


Left Arrow Click the Home button on any mobile page to get back to the Main Menu.


The new Mobile Game Score Reporting page is fully tested and ready to use. Just select the Report Scores menu item from the Mobile Main Menu, login, and enter scores the same way as on the regular page. Left Arrow
Mobile Confirm Score


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