2014 Playoff Format Details

2014 Playoff Information - New Post Season Format

While it is a lttle early to look for bracket information, 2014 will usher in a new post-season playoff format that is worth reading about.  This year there will be 40 teams that will participate in two post-season brackets: a 24-team Championship bracket and a 16-team Cascade Cup bracket.  Both brackets will rely on the LaxPower OHSLA Rankings at season's end for seedings, and for most selections. The first 16 teams in the Championship bracket teams consist of the 1st and 2nd place teams from each conference, the remaining 8 teams will be the highest ranked teams remaining in the LaxPower OHSLA Rankings.  The 16 teams for the Cascade Cup will be the next 16 teams remaining in the LaxPower OHSLA Rankings.

The OHSLA believes that this new format will not only allow more teams to participate in post season play, but create more competitive games within each bracket.  Each bracket will have a final game played at the same site and appropriate recognition given to the winners of both brackets. 

Note:: When brackets appear, they will be LIVE, which means as game times change or final scores are entered by Home teams (via the Game Score Reporting tool), this page will be updated.  No need to go to the Schedule / Scores page, just stay on this page and push the refresh button on your browser and scores will appear as soon as they become available and brackets will update as teams move on.


2014 Playoff Selection Rules:

  Selection, Seeding, Byes, and Brackets Explained...

  1. All seeding is based on the LaxPower Computer Rating as of day after the last game of the season (12:00pm Tuesday, May 20 2014).
  2. The 1st and 2nd place teams are automatically in the Championship bracket.  Individual Conference tiebreaker rules will be used to handle any ties amongst conference teams for this selection.
  3. The next 8 teams for the Championship bracket are selected from the highest remaining teams in the LaxPower rankings. 
  4. After selection, the 24 teams are seeded 1-24 based on the LaxPower Computer Rating as of May 20th, 2013 and the Championship First Round Bracket is created:
    • Teams seeded 1 through 8 are awarded a first round Bye. 
    • Teams 9 through 24 will play first round games based on their seeding: #9 plays #24, #10 plays #23, and so on to #16 plays #17. 
  5. The 16 teams for the Cascade Cup bracket will be the 16 highest ranked teams (in the LaxPower rankings) not chosen in the Champiohship bracket. 
  6. The Cascade Cup bracket will be a standard 16 team bracket seeded based on LaxPower rankings. No byes, typical first round with lowest ranked team playing highest, 2nd lowest playing 2nd highest, etc.
  7. Throughout the either bracket, the higher seed will host the game and the lower seed team will always be the visitor.  However the Championship Bracket Semi-Final and both Finals (Cascade Cup & State Championship) will be played at the Final Four facility TBA. 

Playoff Game Revenues and Costs

Revenue Sharing

According to OHSLA 2014 SOPs paragraph 32 for playoff games in Playoff Rounds 1 & 2, and Quarterfinals (and now Cascade Cup Semi-Finals) pricing and revenues are as follows:

  • Admission charges (prices to be determined by the Commissioner) MUST be charged to ALL spectators, not just those of the visiting school.
  • The gate total shall be split 50/50 with the OHSLA and host school after approved host expenses are subtracted from the gate total.  OHSLA Treasurer Lisa Hockman will email each club their referee costs after each playoff game.  The total amount due can be calculated from the OSHLA Playoff Payment Worksheet that can be downloaded from here (right click and select "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As...", depending on your browser).  A copy of this worksheet and payment shall be sent to the OHSLA Treasurer.
  • If charging admission is a problem for any program, special arrangements must be made with the OHSLA prior to the game taking place.
  • Failure to turn your accounting worksheet in and pay OHSLA their portion of the gate described in the SOP`s will result in a fine of $250.00.

If you have any questions or need a playoff calculation worksheet emailed to you, please email lisahockman@comcast.net


Travel Allowances

OHSLA will help with travel costs for visiting playoff teams in the first three rounds of the playoffs (first round, second round and quarter finals).  For teams that have home games as well as away games, the travel allowance for their away game can be applied as a credit (just like any approved host expense) to their final team billing.  The Table below shows the Travel Allowance from OHSLA for teams between the four areas in the state.  Note that even travel within a team's home area will still have a minimum travel allowance of $150.

  PDX Salem Eugene High Desert
PDX $150 $250 $300 $450
Salem $250 $150 $250 $300
Eugene $300 $250 $150 $300
High Desert$450 $300 $300 $150


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