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Update on 2015 Rule Changes

February, 2015

Some coaches have been contacting the OHSLA with questions about the 2015 rule changes as they have been described on other sites referenced in the article later on this page.  In particular one rule, 1-7-3, which concerns stringing changes was not properly detailed in the LaxPower and NFHS articles.  The NFHS has printed a clarification on this particular rule change here

In order for coaches to be ready for the new season the OHSLA strongly recommends that coaches all purchase a new (2015) NFHS Boys Lacrosse rulebook, unfortunately the book is on available online to those with a NFHS login ID.  In addition, here are some resources to help clarify the new rules and help coaches get the information they need:
  • 2015 NFHS Rules Video for Officials.
  • OLOA Board Member Brian Platz has created a brief summary of 2014 & 2015 rule changes for OHSLA coaches (left arrowright click and select "Save Target As..." or equivalent to download file) that covers the rule changes and in particular the stringing changes.
  • For those who might still have questions or want to learn more, on March 8th Brian will also hold a on-line Join.me conference call for OHSLA Coaches to discuss rule changes and answer any questions coaches may have.  Since this is an optional meeting, Brian would like to know how many plan to attend so that he can properly configure the online portion of the meeting and send out instructions for coaches to setup their computers in advance, so please RSVP to Brian at brian@oregon.com if you plan to attend. 

Warrior & Cascade Helmet Decertification Update

December, 2014

The NOCSAE has approved a process for Cascade to get approval for recertification of it's Cascade R helmet.  For those interested there is a paper on the NOCSAE site detailing the process.  Cascade helmets also has a statement describing their solution on the Cascade Helmets website as well as a description of the steps helmet owners need to take to get their helmets recertified. 

While their has been a good amount of press about Cascade's handling of the issue, the OHSLA has not found any information about what Warrior Lacrosse is doing to change the status of the Warrior Regulator other than this press release asserting that they are diligently working on a solution to get the helmet recertified. 

Players who own either of these helmets are encouraged to vist the Cascade Lacrosse or Warrior Lacrosse sites so that they can register to be contacted about the status of their helmets.  The NOCSAE has also published a FAQ page about their deceritfication decision.

As stated earlier on this home page until the a helmet has been recertified by the NOCSAE, it cannot be used in any OHSLA sanctioned game
Cascade R
Cascade R

Warrior Regulator and Cascade R Helmets Decertified by NOCSAE

November 25, 2014

The OHSLA has been advised that Warrior Regulator and Cascade Model R lacrosse helmets have been decertified by NOCSAE.  While both models had previously been certified by the manufacturers as compliant with the NOCSAE standard, the NOCSAE found the two models non-compliant after an independent investigation and evaluation.  One can find NOCSAE's complete statement here.

As reported in a LaxPower article: "...both Cascade and Warrior have been notified of these conclusions by NOCSAE, and have indicated that they are working to address the issue". The article also includes a lengthy statement from Cascade on their steps to address the issue, so there is no need for players or clubs to upgrade helmets just yet
Warrior Regulator
Warrior Regulator
Cascade R
Cascade R

However, as also noted in the LaxPower article, "Playing rules written by US Lacrosse, the NCAA and the NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations) mandate that all helmets must meet NOCSAE standards and be NOCSAE certified."

Therefore, until the companies can reconcile with the NOCSAE, neither of these helmets can be used in any OHSLA sanctioned game

Also note that the Cascade-R should not be confused with the less expensive (but NOCSAE compliant) Cascade CPX-R.  For further information about these two helmet models, parents and players are advised to contact the manufacturers directly: Cascade (1-800-537-1702); Warrior (1-800-968-7845). 

High School Rule Changes for 2015

August 11th, 2014

The NFHS has announced the rule changes for 2015.  Most notable - defensive restart from point of infraction; no need to restart outside the box.  Adopted at the national convention Most notable - defensive restart from point of infraction; no need to restart outside the box.  There will also be some subtle changes on stick stringing rules that are intended to make it easier for defenders to dislodge balls from sticks.  For a complete list of all the rule changes, check the NFHS article or the LaxPower reprint online.

Where do the Best Lacrosse Players Come From?

While Quin Kessenich may espouse the growth of lacrosse on the west coast of the US, the chart to the right clearly shows that the center of lacrosse remains the Northeastern States.  While California has shown huge growth in the last few years, Long Island continues to rule as the producer of the most quality players in the NCAA. 

For more details check out Inside Lacrosse Magazine's story.
Player Regions

Source Inside Lacrosse Magazine

Lacrosse Recruiting 101

July 23rd

Like the College Application process, NCAA recruiting is a lot different than when most parents of current High School players were on the scene.  This Inside Lacrosse video from Ryan Boyle is an informative strart for players who think they'd like to play at the college level. 

NCAA Mens Scoring still over 20 goals per Game

July 23rd

As documented in this LaxPower Scoring Analysis, last years scoring average was still 20.4 goals per game (gpg), slightly down from the 20.6gpg. the previous year.  The chart to the right shows the scoring averages since the 2000 season.  The good news is that the average goal differential has been 4.5-4.7 in the last six years in D-I, but D-II & D-II have had larger differentials 5.9-7.1 over the same period. 

Is it time to eliminate offset heads yet?
Mens Scoring

Source LaxPower.com

..but NCAA Women still outscore the Men. Womens Scoring

Source LaxPower.com


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