2018 All-Conference Teams Published!

May 23rd

After some unforeseen technical difficulties, the All-Conference Teams for 2018 are now on the 2018 Honors Page.  The 2018 All-Star Game Nominees will hopefully be published early next week. 

For those who are wondering about the new video window on the Home page... The video loop showing is a trial run of Rapid Replay on the OHSLA site.  Rapid Replay is a grass roots streaming source that allows fans to post content by using the Rapid Replay App.  These clips are categorized and can then be viewed on sites where the Rapid Replay video players are used.  Their player is currently active on the MCLA and KGW High School Sports sites.  Fans can post content using the Rapid Replay app or via web browser page and, after editorial approval, it will be streamed on related sites.