NFHS Rule Changes for 2018 - Update

January 8th, 2018

The OLOA presentation at the Bi-Annual OHSLA Coaches Meeting revealed some additional changes to rules that were not mentioned in the earlier OHSLA article. 

In particular, sticks will now conform to college rules (dimensions shown on the right) and 'non-traditional' synthetic pocket materials, such as Warrior Warp and Hero Pocket, will be permitted (but the pocket must still meet the specifications of Rule 1-7). Officials will be using handy template to measure sticks, coaches who wish to get one for themselves can find them at this offical's supply house

An in depth discussion on the new rules can be found in the US Lacrosse FAQs page, as well as the NFHS 2018 rule page and NFHS press release
stick dims