US Lacrosse LADM Clinic Announced

Portland, February 24th

As part of their Lacrosse Advanced Development Model (LADM), US Lacrosse will be holding A Peak Performance clinic February 24th Lincln High School in Portland (map on right).  Both Men's and Women's clinics will be held. 

The P3 clinic takes a deep dive into how to run Peak Performance Practices (P3), that maximizes the fun and learning for developing lacrosse athletes using the LADM principles.  **This clinic DOES NOT count towards CDP certification.**, as stated on the US Lax website: "Rather than focusing on coaching individual skills, this clinic is more geared towards teaching coaches how to get the most out of their team, their practice, and their seasons, all in the sense of doing what's best of the overall athlete". 

Coaches wish to attend should register in advance online ASAP Click Men's registration or Women's registration

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While this will be the only P3 LADM clinic, as reported below there actually will be several US Lacrosse coaching clinics throughout Oregon this year.

Remaining 2018 US Lacrosse Clinics in Oregon
February 24th, 1-4 CEP Level 1 West Park Elementary
Hermiston, OR
February 24th, 12-3 Peak Performance Lincoln HS
February 25th, 1-4 CEP Level 1 Westside Elementary School
Hood River, OR
March 3rd, 10-1 CEP Level 1 Bend Parks and Recreation District Office
Bend, OR
March 4th, 10-1 CEP Level 1 Wilson High School
Portland, OR