2018 Playoff Format Details

LaxPower Computer Rankings

The LaxPower computer rankings are used by the OHSLA to determine both seeding and selection of playoff teams.  The Norm PR ranking column is used for this process. 

Unfortunately these rankings are only available for users who have premium access to the LaxPower site.  In the past coaches have been given premium access by LaxPower for free, but this year coaches have been having trouble obtaining that access.  Since knowledge of a team's ranking is critical for end of season planning, this page will provide a snapshot of the rankings on the two Sundays before the end of the season. 


LaxPower Rankings May 16th, 2018

end of reg season
LaxPower rankings May 16th 2018.


LaxPower Rankings May 9th, 2018

3rd to last
LaxPower rankings May 9th 2018.


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