2018 Camps & Clinics, Select Teams, and Leagues

The listings on this page for Camps, Clinics, Leagues and Select Teams are for informational purposes only.  The appearance of a name on this page is not an endorsement by the OHSLA, merely an attempt to save parents multiple Google searchs by compiling all the information for local Oregon teams and camps in one place.  Some organizations have paid the OHSLA for articles and pictures on this page, those articles have a notation that the entity is an OHSLA sponsor. 

Instructional Video Sources

Turns out there are many free video resource available with cvideos of drills, et.c LAX Power Instructional Page with links to Duke, Notre Dame, and Lax Coach Mike

2018 Oregon Summer Camps

There are several clinics, Overnight, or Day camps during the summer in Oregon, all grades listed are for the 2018-2019 academic year:

Oregon Summer Camps
Dates Name Location Type Cost

More information about other Oregon lacrosse related offerings can be found on our External Links page.

We will list some Oregon camps from our sponsors sometime in early February:


Lacrosse Leagues in Oregon

There are a growing number of leagues in Oregon. Here are some links to a few.


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