2018 AllStar Game Invitees


The players listed below are invited to play in this year's OHSLA AllStar Game on Championship Saturday.  The OHSLA All Star Game is an exhibition game that provides an opportunity for players nominated by each of the conferences to play in a high level game.  The OHSLA All Star game is not the All State team.  The All State team is not voted on until Championship Saturday.

The all star teams are made up of representatives from All-Conference voting and then the coaches fill roster with top available players, but the emphasis is on conference participation. Being in the all star game, or being nominated for it, has nothing to do with being selected to the ALL STATE team. 

Because some players may be playing in the Championship game (ineligible) or may not be able to travel to the game, all Players are asked to RSVP (yes or no) ASAP so to help make this game happen smoothly.  If your name is on this page, Please click on your name to RSVP right NOW, fill out yes or no form (with contact info if yes), and submit it so that the AllStar coaches know who plans to show up and if they need to recruit more players to fill spots.

2018 All Star Game Invitees

Attack Midfield Defense
Alex Slusher Jr OES
James Lewis Jr Mt. View
Sam Handley Sr Jesuit
Jaymin Colvin Sr Sprague
John Tromley Sr Tualatin
Thomas Takle Jr Glencoe
Trevor Orlando Sr Thurston
Ross Scott Jr West Linn
Isaac Baker Sr Lincoln
Spencer Steckman Jr Bend
Nick Halvorsen Jr Sunset
Jonathon Williams Sr McNary
Alex Coco Jr Tualatin
Dylan Brauer Sr Glencoe
Diego Balderas Jr Sheldon
Cody Fretwell Sr West Linn
Will Duffy Sr Lincoln
Cooper Majetich Sr Ridgeview
Victor Hernandez Sr West Salem
Zane Sands Sr Sherwood
Nathan Bodily Jr Sheldon
Keenan DeRaeve Jr Lake Oswego
Jake Therrow Sr Jesuit
Ruben Gallardo Sr Glencoe

Because specialty positions (Goalie, LSM, etc) are not listed above and several of the invitees may not be able to attend the game, we also need to the players below to RSVP ASAP. These names are players the coaches might draw from when they need to fill gaps in the teams for the game.  By completing an RSVP these players will give the All Star coaches a pool of players to choose from that they know in advance could make it to the game if asked.
Will Swindell Sr Lincoln
Nolan Altenhofen Jr Southridge
Jonas Hunter So Lake Oswego
Marshall McGuire So Lake Oswego
Ethan Loun So West Linn

Ronan Dooney Sr Central Catholic
Stuart Diffely Jr Lincoln
Blake Phillips Sr Lincoln
Jake Falisec Sr Southridge
Alec Banton Jr Sunset
Connor Cole Jr Westview
Owen Grubbe Sr Sherwood
Max Michelon Sr West Linn

Face-Off Specialists
Alex McAlpine Jr Hood River
Nic Gonsalves Jr Southridge
Michael Shakerin Jr Lake Oswego
Mitchell Peterson Sr West Linn
Cole Bingham Sr Grant
Levi Messinger Jr Mt. View
Reed Rissberger Sr West Linn

Brogan Balasubramani Jr Grant
Gabe Bowen-Slott So Lincoln
Blake Baldocchi Sr Jesuit
Nick Jaeger Jr Southridge
Luke Thompson Jr Sunset
Zach Mansour Sr Liberty
A J Krakauer Sr West Linn

Everett Brower Sr Grant
Nic Hoffman Sr Lincoln
Pat Duffy So Jesuit
Tyler Phelps So Sunset
Riley Sells Sr Tualatin
Garrett Netter Sr Canby
George O`Brien Jr Lake Oswego

 Total Nominees: 24  Total Alternates: 34


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