OHSLA All-Star Game RSVPForm

The purpose of this form is notify the All-Star coaches whether or not you can play in the game on Championship Saturday.  This allows the All-Star coaches to ensure that they have players for all the positions to fill their team, as well as provide a pool of extra players from which to draw if individual players' situations change (e.g players team is in the Championship).  Most importantly they will have the ability to connect with players to inform them that they are on the team and are expected to play. 

After coaches have processed the interest information, they will contact players via e-mail or phone notifying them of where to meet before the game, how to get into the stadium, etc. 
First Name:  Required Field
Last Name:  Required Field
Response: Yes - I can Play  No - I cannot play 
Required Field This will be your primary contact for the coach.
While a password is not required, it is strongly recommended since without one your email and cell# could be accessed by someone other than the coach by clicking on your RSVP link.
Phone:  Format: ###-###-####, preferably Cell Phone#
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Class:  Required Field
Position:  Required Field
Notes/Comments for Coach:
   You MUST hit the SUBMIT button get your information to the correct coach.


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