OHSLA Covid Game Policy

April 12th, 2021 

The OHLSA will be complying with OSAA and OHA guidelines for Covid policies on the field of play.  Because Covid policies very between school districts across the State and the OHSLA is not health policy organization, OHSLA Clubs are first and foremost expected to comply with local school district rules on Covid and state laws.  This means:
  1. Masks are required for everyone on the field at all times.  All players, coaches, officials, and sideline volunteers are expected have masks on except to eat or drink.  The OHSLA expects coaches and Club representitives to help enforce these rules, so that officials can focus on the game. 
  2. As soon as a coach is aware of a playering testing positive for Covid, their first call should be to their school AD to ensure the school is aware of the players Covid test so that the school can take the proper steps.  It should be noted that, by Oregon law, the coach must contact the school and/or AD even if they hear a player is positive.  If the distric policy means they cannot play, and they have pending games, thye need to notify coaches the other involved ASAP.
  3. Visiting Coaches are expected to monitor their teams for Covid status in compliance with the rules of their school district and, if they have a game in another district, honor the rules of that home district.  If there is an Covid outbreak on their team within 3-4 days before scrimmage with another club, coaches should notify the other team ASAP as a courtesy, including positions of infected players.  This will help the other club take steps for health checks, contact tracing, etc.  e.g. "Two of our defenders came down with Covid, you may want to alert the families of your attackmen"

For reference here are some pertinent links for Covid policy on and around sporting events: