Scheduling for 2021 Online

March 1st, 2021 

Coaches can now access the online scheduling tool for the 2021 Season.  Note that the first games are April 14th and the regular season runs until May 7th.  Teams are allowed 8 games in that period.  In terms of conference vs out-of-conference games, a team must statisfy their conference SOPs so that there will the conference standing at the end of the season for rankings.  Due to probable field shortages, Saturday and Sunday games are permitted. 

Due to travel restrictions in many districts throughout the state, there is a chance that the post-season Playoffs may not be feasible.  So for now, the tournament is on the schedule as tentative.  If travel restrictions make a statewide playoff untenable, the OHSLA will make other plans for regional post season games between team from different conferences.  State All-American awards may also be under risk. 

Coaches should update the Club information on their home pages with new Club officers and Treasurer information so that the OHSLA can contact the clubs easily.