2021 PostSeason Details

Post Season Brackets and Tournaments

Traditionally there would be two tournaments, with two separate brackets.  Because Covid-19 has created an abbreviated season and caused different travel restrictions in school districts across the state, it was decided that instead of a statewide tournament, there would be 4 additional games permitted for every team in the league, including JV teams.  So no state championship, playoff games, or Casade Cup for the 2021 season

Rather than require all of the teams in the league to shop for games in the remaining 13 days in the season, a sixteen team tournament with a consolation bracket was setup for the Metro area conferences.  This maxed out 4 of the 13 remaining days, which freed up the teams not in the tournament, many in districts still under travel restrictions, to schedule their games without having to worry about the number of officials. 

The Metro tourney consists of teams from the Pacific, Metro, Columbia, Nortwest, and Three Rivers conferences.  The first three teams in each conference standings at the end of the regular season (May 12th) and one at large team based on LaxNumbers rankings on May 12th, which was OES. 
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Metro bracket

Final Metro Tourney Bracket