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Mary Rieke ES

Address:  1151 SW Vermont Ave Portland OR  97201
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Directions:  Going S on I-5 take the Terwilliger Exit. Go through light across Barbur Blvd and onto Bertha Blvd. (Going N on I-5, take the Terwilliger exit, take a left over the freeway, a left onto Barbur Blvd, and the 1st right onto Bertha. Take a right on Vermont. School is up the hill on the left. Turn left into the parking lot. Field is on the back side of the school, on the far side of the softball field. 
Field Type:  Turf 
Field Lights:  No 
Dimensions:  60 x 110 yards 
Comments:  No stands- Bring lawn chairs! DO NOT PARK IN RESERVED RETAIL SPACES! 

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