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The majority of OHSLA inquiries should be directed through your head coach. While the league attempts to answer all inquiries within 24 hours, with over 50 Varsity teams and another 60 JV teams, each containing 15-30 players (and 15-60 parents), the league does not have the man-power to address large amounts of individual inquiries. We are volunteers and all have "real jobs" that we need to pay attention to and your team's head coach is our buffer to avoid this possible overload.

If you want to comment about a game, it's officiating, the conduct of a particular team, coach, or player, do not contact the league directly. The proper procedure in these types of situations is to have your Head Coach report to the league. The league will not respond to individual inquiries of these types.

That being said, there are situations we'd like to hear from you. Please contact the OHSLA if:

  • You have concerns regarding the OHSLA or have a contribution that you would like to give the league (we are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization).
  • You are available to help coach a team or would like information about starting up a high school lacrosse program.
  • You would like us to list a link to your website, advertise an open coaching position, or give information about an upcoming camp or clinic.
  • You need help or have questions regarding the operations of your current team.

When applicable, please be sure that on any contact information you let us know what team you are representing.

 OHSLA Board of Directors

Head Commissioner
Assistant Commissioner
Assistant Commissioner
Assistant Commissioner
Assistant Commissioner
Coach Representative
Coach Representative
Officials Representative
Coach Rep Emeritus
Rick Gruen
Brian Platz
Jeff Melville
Will Harris
Jimmy Yoo
Joe Alexander
Brian Wood
Curt Sheinin
Tom Hoffert
Kris Van Hatcher


The OHSLA has a new mailing address: OHSLA
c/o Paul Schlesinger
610 SW Alder St. suite 1221
Portland OR. 97205

To contact OHSLA about specific questions or issues, please use the following table as a reference:

Contact Title Coverage
Rick Gruen
  • Outside Media Requests (for information).
  • Out of Season/Out of State/Out of League Play requests.
  • Suspension Appeals.
  • New Schools or Programs.
  • Final Four Host Applications.
  • Any topics not covered below.
Brian Platz
  • JV/Varsity game scheduling.
  • Player Eligibility.
  • Ejections of Player/Coach by an Official.
Jeff Melville
  • Team Certifications and status (Add/remove JV or JV2 teams)
  • Cooperative agreements between schools.
  • Conference SOPs and playoffs
Will Harris
  • Playoff / Final Four Coordination
  • Strategic / Long-Range Planning
Jimmy Yoo
  • Youth Development
  • Strategic Growth
Joe Alexander
Treasurer All financial issues and questions.
Curt Sheinin

Brian Wood
OHSLA Board Liason Coaches Coach issues/questions for OHSLA.
Ken Mason
Web Advisor OHSLA web page content.

 Conference Coaching Representatives

Each conference has two coaches who represent their conference at the OHSLA level and meet annually, in the Fall, with the OHSLA Board. 

Paul Lardy Liberty
Carl Almquist Hillsboro
Chad Stelling Sunset
Michael Marcott Jesuit
Dennis Sullivan OES
Henry Ling Grant - Central Eastside
Brian Wood Newberg
Neal Bateman Wilsonville
Three Rivers
Curt Sheinin Lakeridge
Jeff Bell Oregon City
North Valley
Jody Story West Salem - McNary
Josh Barbour South Eugene
Joseph Bongcayao Marist
High Desert
Luke Hansen Summit
John Cummings Bend - Caldera

 Current Oregon Lacrosse Officials Association Board

Contact information, as well as lots of info about being an Lacrosse Official in Oregon, can be found on the OLOA home page


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