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Concussion Awareness

Concussion awareness is a point of emphasis for US Lacrosse and the OHSLA.  With the passing of SB 721 (Jenna's Law) into law, parents and players must be made aware of the symptoms, causes, and treatment of concussions.  The OHSLA is requiring that teams ensure that parents and players have read the following three CDC documents: Here are some additional useful resources for parents and coaches. These documents focus on the steps to be taken to identify symptoms and then clear a player for returning to the field.  It is important to note that recent studies have shown that mental stress post concussion can exacerbate concussion symptoms, so players should avoid texting, TV, video games, reading and other activities that will tax their brains as pointed out in this CDC Concussion Recovery paper

2013 Fairfax Video Study of Lacrosse Concussions

MedStar Sports Medicine Research Center, Baltimore, Md, analyzed video of 518 boys lacrosse games played by 25 different public high schools during the 2008 and 2009 seasons.  Video of concussion incidents was examined to identify game characteristics and injury mechanisms using a lacrosse-specific coding instrument.  A total of 34 concussion incidents were caught on video.  This has been named the Fairfax Study and was referenced in the 2014 OHSLA Coaches meeting Rules presentation. The Fairfax Study has enlightening information that may surprise coaches as to when concussions occur in a game, including the observation that ~70% of the concussion events did not result in a penalty. 

2012 Concussion Management Presentation By OHSU

Video from 2012 Meeting:   The link below is to a video that features Dr. Andrea Herzka, a specialist in Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy at OHSU's Department of Orthopedic Surgery.   Andrea, along with her colleague, Dr. James Chesnutt, are among the nations leading experts in Sports Medicine and concussions.  This presentation and discussion was part of the 2012 OHSLA All Coaches Meeting, presented on January 7, 2012.  This is a great video to watch for both parents and coaches regarding the recognition, on field treatment and recovery of concussions.


2011 Concussion Management Presentation

Video from 2011 Meeting:  This is a link to a video that features OES Athletic Trainer Joel Gray giving his concussion management presentation that was presented at the OHSLA All Coaches meeting held on January 14, 2011.  In this video Joel explains the symptoms, recommended on field first aid, and recovery schedule of concusions.  With the occurance of concussions increasing in all contact sports, this is an important video for all coaches and parents to watch.


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