Officials Exercise & Training Information

It is important for Officials to have some information on exercise and training.

Below are some documents gleamed off the NCLOA.org lacrosse officials web site which should benefit all lacrosse officials.  They are specific to the needs of a Lacrosse Official and what they do.

Yellow Bullet Running Program Download Acrobat Reader
Yellow Bullet Weightlifting Program Download Acrobat Reader
Yellow Bullet Proper Warm-Up for Maximal Sport Performance Download Acrobat Reader
Yellow Bullet Hamstring Injury and Conditioning Article  Download Acrobat Reader

If there are additional links or site you feel would be helpful to other officials, please send me an email with details.
Brian Platz

Download Acrobat Reader Denotes Link a Hyperlink to an Acrobat PDF Document.  If you do not have Acrobat Reader, you can Download it for FREE from Adobe.com by clicking on any of the PDF Icons throughout this web site.


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