University of Oregon Men's Lacrosse Prospect Day

The University of Oregon Men's Lacrosse Team would like to invite your student-athletes to our 2024 Prospect Day on Sunday March 10th.

University of Oregon Men’s Lacrosse Prospect Day

The University of Oregon Men’s Lacrosse Team would like to invite your student-athletes to our 2024 Prospect Day on Sunday March 10th.


10 A.M Start time

The prospect day practice will go from 10 A.M to 12:30 PM

The day will consist of individual positional training, game like situation training, and many other drills to introduce you all to the college practice level. Current coaches and team members will be on hand to assist you and provide valuable techniques to help you achieve your goals. One of the highlights of our program is the interaction between not only players and coaches but also parents will also have time to ask questions.

Location: Oregon Men’s Lacrosse Field

It will take place on Rec Field 2 on campus. This field is right outside Hayward Field and the best place to park is on University St by McArthur Court. The field we will be using has the Oregon Men’s Lacrosse Scoreboard on it. 

Ducks insider hint: If you park in the spots that require campus permits, you won't have to pay since it is the weekend and they don't check on weekends.


Campus Tour

Following the practice portion of prospect day, the campus tour will begin promptly after the practice at around 12:30- 1 P.M. This tour will show you where our athletes go to class, study, and enjoy the best parts of campus. The tour will take around an hour in total. Even if you’ve had a tour prior, this tour is focused on being a student-athlete at UO led by UO student-athletes.

Ducks Lacrosse Game

The Ducks will play host to Southern Methodist University (SMU) on the 9th versus at 3 P.M. on this same field and you will all be able to meet the players, and coaches, and see them live in action in a regular season game. We highly encourage you to attend this game the day before if you can. The game day atmosphere is exciting and high energy! 

Bonus: Custom Practice Jersey included for each prospect.


$40 deposit

+ $30 for returning prospect (Total $70)


+ $40 for new prospect (Total $80)

To lock in your position for March 10th Prospect Day, we will be requiring a deposit payment of $40 paid to our donation link. Please, when you pay, take a screenshot of your payment confirmation and reply directly to this email with the picture to confirm your spot. The rest of the payment, either $30 for a returning prospect or $40 for a new prospect, will be made the morning of prospect day in cash preferably. This payment will go directly towards renting out the field as well as a custom practice jersey that each prospect will receive.

Oregon Lacrosse Donation Link

If you have any further questions or have any friends or teammates who are interested, please feel free to reach out at the contact below.

Go Ducks and We Look Forward to Seeing you All!

Sam Rack

925-357-0408 |