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Annual Club Requirements

In an effort to streamline the annual review of the fulfillment of OHSLA requirements by Clubs, beginning 2015 Clubs will only be required to submit a single Team certification document (see below for PDF) to the OHSLA each year.  This document is a affirmation by a Club that it has fulfilled the following OHSLA requirements: Each team will assume the responsibility to have on-file all actual certification & insurance documentation for a period of two years prior to the coming season.  This information must be stored in an electronic format that would allow documents to be sent electronically, when requested by the league office.  The league office will conduct random audits and will request some/all of documents, be sent to the appropriate Assistant Commissioner within 72 hours of the request. 

Once all requirements have been fulfilled, a signed version of the Team certification letter form can be sent to Jeff Melville at JMelville@highdesertinsurance.comNote - the PDF Team certification letter form is an editable PDF form, click here for tips on how to fill out a PDF form.

OHSLA Coaching Certification Requirements

Each coach is required to take certain online certification courses before they can be with players on the practice field.  Some of the certifications need to be periodically renewed.  The following table can be used to find the required online courses, who needs to take them, and how often they need to be renewed.  Note: Each head coach at each team level (Varsity, JV, JV2, etc) must be certified, so programs with teams at multiple levels will have at least one different NFHS certified coach at each level. 

Certification Training Requirement Required for Renewed
NFHS - Fundamentals of Coaching class (FoC)

This link should take you directly to the purchase page. If not, the class is called Fundamentals of Coaching. Please enter OSAA as the association.
All Coaches No renewal required
NFHS - Concussions In Sports Class (CSC)

This course fulfills the OSAA concussion requirements as called out in the Oregon State statute on concussion management (see Concussion tab on the OSAA Health & Safety page). 
All Coaches Annually
NFHS - Appearance and Performance Enhancing Drugs and Substances All Coaches Every 4 years
NFHS - Heat Illness Prevention All Coaches Every 4 years

Please send notification that you have completed the required courses to Jeff Melville at JMelville@highdesertinsurance.com.  Once verified, you will be added to the certified coaches list.  Failure to complete these classes by the first practice date means that you cannot meet or work with your team.

OHSLA Liability Insurance Requirements

As noted above, the OHSLA SOPs require that all teams have proof of liability coverage.  The SOPs also mention that OHSLA is aware of at least three different insurance providers that can provide the minimum coverage:

  • Sportsplex Operators & Developers Association (SODA) at www.sportsplexoperators.com
  • Bollinger, which is the underwriter for the US Lacrosse policy (below). Check www.bollingerinsurance.com
  • US Lacrosse can also provide insurance to a team as part of US Lacrosse membership, but only if every player and coach is a US Lacrosse member for the entire season.  The US lacrosse insurer, Bollinger, can add the the club as "also insured" for no additional cost.  See How to Insure Your Team on the US lacrosse website and for more details on such membership insurance coverage and also check the US lacrosse insurance page. Important: As pointed out in the How to Insure Your Team, if any single player or coach is not a US Lacrosse member during the season (e.g. any single membership expires), then the team is not covered by by the US Lacrosse policy
There is also a possibility that the school can include the lacrosse team as part of the school's insurance plan and that that plan may be sufficient to fulfill the OHSLA requirement..  The OHSLA insurance liability requirement is is only a minimum, it is up to every individual team to research its risks and determine the amount of coverage their team requires. 

As discussed in the Annual Club Requirements section at the top of the page, proof of insurance needs to be stored electronically by club administrators and may be asked for at any time during the season. 

OHSLA Standard Operating Procedures

The OHSLA SOPs have been updated for 2024. Click the link to view them, or right click to download the .pdf file. The following sections have changed for 2024:

  • Mission Statement
  • Governance
  • 1. Coaching Certifications
  • 2. Additional Coaches Responsibilities
  • 5. Where Students Can Play
  • 6. Conglomerate Teams
  • 7. Co-Op Agreements
  • 16. Coaching Box
  • 23. Quarter Limitation Rule
  • 26. Off-Season Practices
  • 27. Playoffs
  • Appendix A: OHSLA Code of Conduct

US Lacrosse All-Academic Award Criteria

A US Lacrosse All Academic player is one who exhibits exemplary lacrosse skills, good sportsmanship on field, and represents high standards of academic achievement.  There are five available for the state of Oregon. All nominees must:

  1. Be a Senior
  2. Have a minimum GPA of 3.8
  3. Made significant contributions of service to the school and/or community
  4. A current US Lacrosse membership

Register and submit nominations at the USA Lacrosse High School Awards portal.   Important Note: Nomination deadline is May 19th, 2024 and the league will only review All-Academic portal nominations.

OSAA Handbook

Other than some OHSLA specific rules that are covered in the SOP's (Standard Operating Procedures), the OHSLA follows the OSAA rules whenever possible.  The OSAA rule book can be found at the following link:


Waiver Form To Play Non-OHSLA Teams

The 2024 SOPs state that teams will need to request a waiver from the OHSLA to play games against out-of-state teams.  Contrary to what is stated in the SOPs, filling out a waiver form is not required.  Coaches can simply send an e-mail to Commisioner Rick Gruen (rgruen19@gmail.com). 

Applications to Host OHSLA Final Four Event

This year the Final Four Event will be the Championship bracket Semi-final games and then the OHSLA All-Star game followed by the Championsip game on Championship Saturday.  So there will be four total games played at the host facility. 

Applications can be submitted electronically submitted to Assitant Commissioner Jeff Melville (JMelville@highdesertinsurance.com).  For details on facility requirements and instructions on how to apply, right click on the following link for a PDF version of the application and select "Save As...".  Applications are due on Thursday, January 25, 2024. 


Teams no longer fill out a dues form and submit it to the OHSLA.  The OHSLA will create an invoice based on historical data for each team and bill teams directly.  For this reason it is important that teams update the Treasurer information for their team so that the OHSLA has an address to send the invoice.  Coaches/Team Directors, should log in and update your teams' for with Treasurer and Athletic Director contact info (new fields on the Team Info page) ASAP. 

Form For Cooperative Sponsorships (CO-OPS)

When there is interest in lacrosse at a school that has no team, but not enough interest to generate large enough numbers to start a new team at that school, it is possible to form a co-op with another school.  This can be with either a new team or with a previously established team.  The goal here is to combine both schools in order to create a large enough base of students in which to field a single team.  The desired result would be to see growth occur at both schools, hopefully in enough numbers where they can both field individual teams in the future.  This tactic has worked successfully in the OHSLA several times.

Co-ops can also be used to combine two small schools that could never support a team on their own, in order to create large enough numbers that a team could be formed. 

Co-ops are not to be used to improve a teams quality (win/loss record). 

Co-ops are not to be used as a method to get around OSAA rule 8.5.1.  In other words, if you have a player who wants to play lacrosse but his school does not offer the sport, a co-op cannot be formed with the players school and an existing teams school in order to give this student a place to play.  The OHSLA is fairly lenient in allowing an initial co-op in order for this player to build interest at his school for the first year.  The hope here is that the player will work to add interest at his school.  In the second year of the co-op, if interest has not built at the players school of attendance, it can only be assumed that the co-op was used in order to sidestep OSAA rule 8.5.1, instead of for the purpose of growing interest at a new school. The chances are pretty high that the co-op will be denied in year two if there is no growth at the players school.

Schools that wish to enter a Co-op agreement must complete the Cooperative Sponsorship Form. Note - this Co-op Agreement form is an editable PDF form, click here for tips on how to fill out a PDF formCo-op agreements require three signatures: Athletic Director or Activities Director of both schools and the head coach of the host school.

When the co-op form is complete, please email the scanned copy of the signed form to Commissioner Rick Gruen rgruen19@gmail.com or mail a hardcopy to the address at the bottom of the form.

Pay Of Officials

Please see the Oregon Lacrosse Officials Association site for current pay schedules.

Sportsmanship Announcement

This .pdf file contains a sportsmanship announcement that the OHSLA would like to have read over the PA system before the start of each game. 
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