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The Alumni database has not yet been fully updated for 2016, so few 2015 graduates are in the database yet.  Hopefully before March. 

What at first started as a curiosity has now turned into a full fledged project using a database to track players as they transfer, graduate, or start playing again.  Certainly a good thing, but it will take time to get everybody on the list and begin backfilling with some of the older guys.  The database now has all players who we could find starting with 2014.  In 2015 40 OHSLA Alumni joined the college ranks, but there were some graduates and drop outs so the total number of players actually dropped to 150 from from 162 players in 2014. 

Don't see someone you know is playing at a college?  Please send an the player's name and a link to a roster page from his team to our Web Content guy at
ohsla.web@outlook.com and he'll try and get him into the database.  For a printable version, click here

Some statistics (so far)

The OHSLA is particularly well represented at colleges in Oregon.  There are six Mens College Lacrosse Association (MCLA) teams in the state of Oregon, three in MCLA Division-I (MCLA-I): Oregon, Oregon State, and Portland State and three in MCLA Division-II (MCLA-II): University of Portland, Southern Oregon, and Western Oregon.
Percentages of OHSLA players on Oregon teams:

2014 Oregon: 35% (14/38) Oregon State: 88% (32/36) Portand State: 67% (10/15)
Portland: 24% (5/21) Southern Oregon: 32% (7/22) Western Oregon: 90% (19/21)

2015 Oregon: 35% (12/34) Oregon State: 93% (38/41) Portand State: 63% (10/16)
Portland: 26% (6/23) Southern Oregon: 29% (6/21) Western Oregon: 53% (9/17)
OHSLA player totals by College Division:

Ever ** 34 43 58 2 300 251 689
In 2024 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

** - keep finding new players every day, all around the country.  Unfortunately most sites only go back to 2005. 

OHSLA players at the college level for 2024

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