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Corvallis HS Stadium

Address:  836 NW 11th St. Corvallis OR  97330
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Directions:  From I-5 North or South take exit #228. At the end of the exit head West onto Highway 34. At the end of about 10 miles you will continue through a light and over a bridge, and the speed will drop down to 25mph. You are now on Harrison St. Take this for another 7 or 8 blocks. Turn right onto 9th St. Turn left onto Buchanan Street. After a couple of blocks you will come to the school. Take a left on the street between the school and the baseball stadium (16th street I believe). Just behind the school is the stadium. 
Field Type:  Turf 
Field Lights:  Yes 
Comments:  Parking is available between the school and the stadium. 

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