OHSLA 2021 Honors and Awards

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Changes in awards due to Covid-19

Selecting statewide honors is a difficult process in a regular season, especially for coaches who haven't seen candidate players on the field.  They often have to rely on statistics and player performance against high ranking teams in the state or in other states.  Because of the shortened season, limited intra-state travel, and no out-state games, there were more coaches who were unable to see players first hand and season statistics were not as reliable as a gauge of a player's abilities. So it was decided that the only honors in the 2021 season would be for Academic All-Americans and All-Conference teams. 

2021 OHSLA US Lacrosse Academic All-Americans

Will be announced soon


2021 OHSLA US Lacrosse All-Americans

As noted above there will not be any Oregon HS All-Americans this year. 

OHSLA 2021 All-State Teams

As noted above there will not be any All-State teams this year. 

OHSLA 2021 All-Conference

Each conference announces First, Second, and Honorable Mention All-Conference teams, as well as Coach & Assistant of the Year for the conference. 

Click on a conference name link below to get a listing of the player and coach selections for that conference. 

Note: This year the Three Rivers conference elected to only have a first team and an Honorable Mention team.  Unfortunately the database code for that page is not designed for such situation, so the listing looks a little strange.  The page will be fixed in a day or two to make things appear a bit more balanced. 

Pacific Metro Columbia
NorthWest Three Rivers North Valley
Southwest High Desert


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